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The founder of Naomi’s Coaching and Consulting.

After 12 years of working in the hospitality industry, I found myself burnt out, unfulfilled, and needing a change. Though I had worked my way through successful leadership positions, I often found myself being the only woman at the table. I sometimes felt like I didn’t fit in and at times would let imposter syndrome get the best of me.

After shifting my mindset and investing in myself by focusing on self-development and leadership. I Eventually decided to start my own business where I could use my knowledge and skills to make a real change.

I spent tireless nights pouring my heart and soul into creating my business and launched Naomi’s Coaching and Consulting in 2018.

Today I help forprofit businesses and Nonprofits feel more empowered and less stressed while they embark on their journey. I guide my clients through Launching businesses and nonprofits, avoiding burnout, setting boundaries, strategic planning, Customized workshops, training that cater to each individual client’s needs and more….

I believe that we need more people that want to bring change and soloutions to the world sitting at the head of the table where important decisions are made and with Naomi’s Coaching and Consulting, I aim to help more people get there.

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August 17, 2021

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August 17, 2021

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My experience with Naomi’s Coaching and Consulting was amazing. Her Coaching style was such a great fit for me. She is very professional and very detailed. She motivates and provides you with so many resources. I highly recommend any new, current or seasoned entrepreneurs to reach out to her. My knowledge and confidence has move from a 3 to a 10!!!

Zenovia H, Houston TX

Naomi is a very caring person who is willing to answer the phone whenever you call. Even after you finish with her program, she continues to check in. She will review all the offers you got and tell you how to go back to the business and ask for what you deserve. I would definitely recommend her to help with coaching needs.

Bunmi A, Providence RI

Naomi is compassionate, positive, assertive, flexible, kind, and most important she listens. Not only am I dealing with a divorce during the pandemic but also moving back home to a rural environment, full custody of my son and returning to the workforce. My plate wasn’t just spilling over it was overflowing to the point of disaster. Read More When I started with Naomi I was a mess. Second guessing myself, questioning all my choices and not listening to that little guiding voice. She never GAVE me the answers she helped guide me to find my own answers. Design a path and a plan that works for me, right now in my current circumstance. It is something I can grow from. My work with Naomi was a gift to myself and as a mom we often put ourselves last, but I am glad I did this because it makes me a better mother. Working with Naomi has given me clarity of purpose and for that I will be forever grateful.Read Less

Kara M, Washington DC

Naomi was very helpful during her coaching course. She is very personable and provides all of the information entrepreneurs need to have a successful business. I highly recommend all founders to take her course!

Breannia R, Washington DC

Naomi has been a true inspiration in navigating my work/life integration needs. She is passionate about helping people and I truly recommend Naomi’s Coaching.

Gloria A, Houston TX